Oracle Skills Transfer Services

e-DBA provide tailored Skills Transfer Services for organisations that require staff to be trained in using Oracle. Our Oracle Certified trainers have both the skills to teach and the industry knowledge to share with your team. The first-hand experience they have acquired whilst working at e-DBA acts as an invaluable resource in equipping them to help you learn, ensuring that your staff receive all the information they require.

At e-DBA we believe that the best way to retain the information learned on a course is to use it. Too often the information taught on training courses is forgotten by the time you return to the office. Our courses avoid this frustration through the inclusion of practical workshops and mentoring.

In response to our customers' requests, we ensure that your teams become more familiar and hands on with their in-house technologies. Conducting our courses at your location minimises the disruption to your organisation, whilst also allowing staff to use the equipment and systems that they are familiar with.

Our Skills Transfer Service now includes the move to Oracle 12c. The expense spent on the latest software is made worthwhile only when staff are fully trained on how to use it properly. At e-DBA we believe that thorough training leads to the best results, and it is in this way that we help you to produce the best performance from your software.

Here is a snapshot of the skills we cover:

  • Oracle 10g/11g/11gR2/12c features and functionality
  • Cheaper - Reduce the space required for backups, DR copies and dedicated disk solutions
  • Database Administration
  • Oracle GoldenGate training
  • Development - Java, ADF, Forms to ADF, WebLogic, Webcenter
  • Security
  • Oracle Exadata training services
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